History of Beaded curtains

With the craze for decorating homes very uniquely, many have tried various options in improving their décor. One such improvement came in the form of beaded curtains. They are quite famous and are now all over the world. But apart from serving the purpose of decorating a home or dividing rooms, beads have a special function which has been described in the FengShui. Having these curtains in your home will spread positive energy in all the rooms and also will make your home lively and cheerful. When people pass through these curtains, it is supposed to give them a soothing effect too. These curtains have their roots back in Asia in the 1960’s, where they first originate. It was common during that time where beads were hung from a rod or a wire and were used as partitions. The beads ranged from ordinary wooden pieces to highly attractive colored stones which give a dazzling effect. Apart from the basic types, you can also see plastic beads, bamboo beads, acrylic ones, crystal beads and gemstones. If you are worried about the cost of these beaded curtains, then stop thinking about them. They are available in cheap but you can make them at home too provided you have all the necessary items in place. Next time when you go shopping for your home décor, do not forget to look at beaded curtains!

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